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Developer, Designer and Gamer.


CM Webs

Over the last few years I've worked as a freelance web designer and developer on various projects for different organisations and individuals. CM Webs is the business end of that kind of work and is always ready for the next project.

The Daily Block

In May 2011, I made a blog to document my travels and record any cool things I found while playing Minecraft. It eventually led to me hosting a Minecraft server which remains online and the blog now has over 10,000 followers and counting.

UC Gaming Guild

I've been on the executive for UCGG since 2015 and have been working hard to bring the website into a better state for our members. I've also helped to organise and run several LANs for the club and various other events.

Steam Achievement Stats (a work in progress)

I like gaming, I like earning achievements and most of all, I like seeing how I'm progressing; what's done, what's left and what should I do next. What's the hardest to complete and what's the easiest to do now. Graphs, tables... you get the idea!

My goal is to create a more robust achievement tracker (primarily for myself, but ultimately for the larger achievement hunting community). It'll be a long road especially since it's only worked on in my spare time. If you’re interested, feel free to follow the progress (and challenges) on the blog.