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Developer, Designer and Gamer.


Hey there, I'm Alex,

I started dabbling with websites at 12, back when websites still used tables for layout. Somewhat to my mum's dismay; my dad taught me how to build my first website and the experience of 'coding' had me hooked (even if it was just MS Front Page and a bit of know-how).

Fast forward to today; I have a few more months left at university to complete my BSc (Computer Science and Philosophy) and am working as a junior developer.

A couple of my non-computer hobbies include mountain biking, photography, getting lost up shingle roads in the mountains and calling it a 'day trip', fishing and thinking about life.

In my spare time online; I play games and hunt Steam achievements, make and break code bases, browse the www and run a gaming community.

If you want or need to contact me, just pick your favourite flavour of communication on my homepage.